Setup your Lab

Setup your OWN Lab:

An individually owned and always available Lab is one of the key success factors for any technical training. Hence, for the hands on and lab practices we would recommend students to create their own lab environment. This can be done on your own system (laptop/desktop) or on an online rented server (which will be dedicated machine for you). In either case we would provide all necessary assistance and guidance to get the lab ready for practices. You can download all operating system software (Solaris/Linux) and virtual machine software (if needed) from the respective vendors for your learning purpose and/or as per their license terms. From our experience this model of having individually owned environment  proved to be beneficial for the students as they get the real feel of managing a server and the system is at their disposal 24*7 without any restrictions to do whatever experiment they feel to try. All you need a good internet connection and a laptop or PC to access the net.

Different Lab Options we have tried so far and found to be successful are as below:

1. On A Server Rented Online – How it works?

  • You rent a server or more based on the course requirement.
  • Sign a Rental Agreement for the servers.
  • You will be provided with Remote access to Linux Installed Servers.
  • You login to Servers remotely using the RDP client.
  • You are provided with complete control over the server (root access).
  • You follow the instructions from the sessions, download software needed, using your on credentials.
  • You install the software following the instructions in the class.
  • Instructor can also access the machine using same RDP account and assist you whenever needed.

2. Setting up necessary environment on laptop:


Laptop with Windows/Linux OS and necessary hard disk space and RAM.

(Step by step instructions e will be provided for students during the class).

  • Download Oracle Virtual Box from
  • Download the RHEL /Solaris Image for virtual box from
  • Import the appliance and create a virtual machine.
  • Make Necessary OS level configurations.
  • Download the required version of Oracle Software from
  • Install Oracle software.


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