Become a DBA !

An IT professional with real enthusiasm and willingness to learn a bunch of stuff in relational databases, Basics of Networking, Basics System Administration (OS and Storage) can switch their career to Database Administration.

A DBA basically needs the following skills.

  • Analytical Skills.
  • Problem Solving Skills.
  • Troubleshooting skills.
  • Need to be a Team Player.


Our Signature Training /Mentoring program “Become a DBA” is intended to help an IT professional to change his career to Oracle Database Administration. This mentoring program is uniquely designed to cater to the needs of a working professional who will have a lot of restrictions on Timings, spare time available for study etc.

An outline of course and course material is given below. Candidate can evaluate himself with each module and decide which all modules he need to take.

Module 1: Operating System Basics for DBA.
Module 2: Networking Basics for DBA.
Module 2:  Relational Database Management Systems and Structured Query Language.
Module 3:  Oracle Architecture.
Module 4:  Oracle Network administration.
Module 5:  Oracle backup and recovery.
Module 6:  Oracle Database Performance Tuning.
Module 7:  Oracle Real Application Clusters.
Module 8:  Oracle Dataguard.
Module 9:  Maintaining Software(Install,upgrade,patch).
Module 10:   Interacting with Oracle Support Services.
Module 11:   Sample DBA interviews.
Module 12:   Mentoring for Oracle Certifications.

………and concludes with preparing  a DBA Resume !!

The program:

Each Module Consists of the following :

-Theory. A strong theoretical foundation is essential for a successful DBA.
-Practices (uniquely prepared practice session to reduce the leraning curve).
-Common Situations DBA encounter in his daily job. (Simulated via scripts).
-Troubleshooting errors that a DBA may encounter.

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