DBA Courses

DBA Courses:

Orainvticta offers both basic and advanced  Oracle DBA courses online. Basic courses are also having in depth coverage of the topic ,however are designed for people who are relatively new to Oracle Database Administration. On the other hand  Advanced DBA course, which are taught by renowned DBAs, are suitable for DBAs who   are already familiar with Oracle. All courses are delivered online following oraInvicta’s  unique online training delivery model.

Basic DBA Courses:

1. Oracle Architecture and Administration.

2. Oracle Backup and Recovery.

3. Oracle Performance Tuning.

Advanced Oracle DBA Courses:

1. Real Application Clusters Installation and Administration.

2. Data guard Administration.

3. OraInvicta Signature course :  Oracle Performance Tuning.

4. Advanced backup and Recovery.

5. Real Application Clusters Advanced Administration and Troubleshooting.

6. Oracle Certified Masters Exam Training/Mentoring.

OraInvicta Signature course : Become A DBA (for those want to switch their IT career )

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