OIN1000 : Oracle Database 11gR2 Architecture and Administration.

Objective: This course is intended to provide participants   a strong foundation  on Oracle Database Architecture and Administration . The course is designed by leading Oracle DBAs who have several years of industry expertise.The course is focused on providing in depth coverage and  emphasis on most widely  used features of Oracle. It is blended with tips and techniques   obtained  thru several years of DBA experience.

Module 1 :  Introduction to RDBMS and Structure Query Language.

  • Creating and Maintaining Objects
  • Table.
  • Index.
  • View.
  • Sequence.
  • Synonym.

Module 2 : Introduction to Oracle Database Architecture.

  • Memory Structures
  • Processes
  • Logical Database Storage Structures.

Module 3: Creating an Oracle Database.

  • Create database manually.
  • Create Database using DBCA

Module  4: Administering Oracle Database.

  • Initialization parameters.
  • init file and spfile.
  • Instance startup and Shutdown Sequences.
  • Viewing alert.log and trace files.
  • Data Dictionary views and Dynamic Performance views.

Module  5: Configuring for client access.

  • Configuring TNS Names
  • Configuring Listener.
  • Troubleshooting connectivity issues.

Module 6: Managing Database Storage Structures.

  • Tablespaces and Datafiles.
  • Different types of tablespaces.
  • Create, drop and manage Tablespaces.

Module  7: User Management.

  • Create and Manage user accounts.
  • Roles and Privileges- create and maintain.
  • Profiles – Create and Maintain.
  • Security Enhancements on Oracle 11g.

Module 8 : Memory Management.

  • Using Automatic Shared Memory Management. (ASMM)
  • Automatic Memory Management (AMM)
  • Implementing Huge Pages in Linux to Support Oracle Instance.

Module 9: Space Management.

  • Understanding Space usage in the database.
  • Move and Shrink operations.
  • Resumable Space Allocation.

Module 10:  Flash Back Technology

  • Flashback dropped Table.
  • Flashback Query
  • Flashback Transaction.
  • Configure and use database Flashback.
  • Flashback Data Archive.

Module 11:  Introduction to Scheduler.

  • Creating and Managing Job, program and Schedule.
  • Lightweight jobs.

Module 12:  Introduction to Database Resource Manager.

  • Creating and Managing  resource consumer groups and plans.

Module  13 :  Install and Maintain Oracle Software.

  • Installing Oracle 11gR2 and Applying patches.

Module  14:  Interacting with Oracle Support Services.

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